Sunday, October 21, 2018

DAY 11

Day 11

He had always dreamt of playing in the major leagues, even when he was just a boy. Now, he was 48 years old, and he was working in major league baseball, but not as a player. He was an umpire. He was ashamed that he never made it, but at least he was able to come out to the field most days in the summer and be around his favorite sport.
A few years ago before they tore down the old and famous stadium, he heard a voice when he was there late daydreaming about what could have been. The voice told him that his time would come. He laughed at this and kept on dreaming.
He wasn't married, but he wasn't lonely as long as he had baseball. Last summer the voice appeared at the new stadium, and this time it was telling him that he needed his chance because death was coming for him and soon.
This scared him, so he stopped drinking altogether and started running in the mornings.
The voice continued all through the season, and even when the team won the World Series, the voice was still there.
He didn't like hearing that he was going to die so. Finally, he quit his job in New York and took a position at a rival ball club in another state.
The voice followed him.
"Now you will also suffer the curse."
"What curse?" He replied to no one and as a paper blew off the stands, he was startled.
"It's your time." The voice started saying.
"Time for what?" He asked and no one answered, but every night around 7:30, he heard it, "it's your time."
Suddenly one night when his new team was playing his old team he felt a jolt of pain go through his body and radiate up his left arm. He collapsed just as he called safe for the batter coming home.
His body was on the ground and he could see everyone below him.
"What the?" He said and there he was his favorite baseball player of all time sitting right next to him.
"It's your time." The player said and Joe smiled as his body was carried off the field.
As he watched his corpse leave and the game continued like nothing happened, he got angry. He forces his way into the bleachers and behind the home team and he started yelling and making noise. People were looking around and leaving. This was fun, he thought and that's how he became famous, as a ghost, but he didn't care, he still got to watch the games and after all, that was all that really mattered to him.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

DAY 12

Day 12

The sobbing made it impossible for her to sleep at night. It had been going on for weeks. She finally went to her neighbors and asked them to keep it down. They ignored her and just shut the door in her face. They had thought she was crazy when she had moved in. She always kept to herself and always seemed very sad to them. She really only had her two cats to keep her company. Well into her 40s and still single she was strange to them.
The apartment was gorgeous and she loved it, but the crying was making her crazy. Even her two cats, Simon and Garfunkel, meowed when it started every night around 11 pm and didn't stop until early in the morning light.
Then things started getting weird. She had hung up a photo of her mother by her bedstand and it kept falling off the wall. She kept putting it back up and it kept falling off. She wouldn't see it, but when she woke up in the morning it was always on the floor.
Finally, she nailed it up from both sides and went to sleep with her iPod in her ears to drown out the sobbing. When she woke up, it was on the floor again, resting against the wall, almost like someone had put it there. She picked it up and started crying. She missed her mother terribly. The accident that took her was still fresh in her memory and the pain was almost unbearable.
She put the picture back up on the wall every night and every morning it was on the floor.
When she got up on one Tuesday the blinds in the living room were closed over and she thought she had left them open. She always loved the view she had of the Golden Gate Bridge and wouldn't ever close them. She opened them and later that day they were closed again.
Things were getting very weird in this apartment and it was starting to make her anxious.
Then finally the people showed up in her living room. An older woman and a family. She marched right up to them and demanded to know what was going on, but they ignored her.
She screamed and as she did the curtains moved a bit and the floors felt like there was a tiny earthquake. The people left and she was happy. Her two cats meowed at her again and the woman who had been with the family started calling to them. Her behavior was strange though, it was like she could hear them. but not see them. They were on her leg and she kept looking for them.
Jane, that was her name, suddenly had a flashback of hitting the water in the bay and being in a hospital. She noticed the crying had come back. In an instant she was lying in a cold dark place, she pushed her feet against something hard. The drawer opened and a man was standing over her. "Is this your daughter? She jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. They found her in the bay."
What? Her mother was there. "Mom! I'm here, but what is he talking about?" She yelled and her mother cried.
She was back in her apartment and she remembered that she had been sad for many years and she did think about jumping all the time. She had jumped and then her mother got into that accident and died on the way to her funeral. The crying was hers and she in fact very dead and still very sad.

Friday, October 19, 2018

DAY 13

Day 13

The old lady was out every single morning at 6 am sweeping those damn stairs and it was driving him crazy. He couldn't sleep in because his little Jack Russell terrier, called Ben, would go crazy and bark whenever she started. Her staircase was directly behind his bedroom window and therefore, he heard everything.
At first he didn't know what it was because of the scratching sounds that it made, but finally, he got up and looked and there she was sweeping away. The stairs were always perfect because they lived in Southern California where, unlike New York-where he grew up, there was no real weather. Nothing ever happened here except sunshine. If he didn't work for Warner Brothers, he would have moved back home years ago.
One more after a long, exhausting night at work, he couldn't take his little dog barking any longer, or the noise from the sweeping. That said, the sweeping noise was okay, but the barking was not. Sadly, one didn't happen without the other and again, it was EVERY single morning.
He opened his window and called out to her to please stop. She didn't even look up. He knew she could hear him because it was less than 10 feet away.
"I am begging you to wait until at least 8 to do this. Please." He called, but nothing.
He started asking people in the neighborhood if they knew her and no one seemed to. He was beyond frustrated and every morning, the sweeping came and his dog Ben went nuts.
Finally, he decided to call his landlord and ask him about it. The landlord had owned this building for about 40 years, so he must know the neighbors.
"No one has lived there since the old woman died three years ago." He said and then he went on to explain that she died of a broken heart because her husband has passed away and she was waiting for him to return, but he never did.
The next day, he saw her again and his dog barked, but he decided to let it go as he felt it was best to not piss off a ghost who died of a broken heart.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

DAY 14

Day 14

Mary would work late a few days a week to avoid traffic on the way home and or other things that waited for her arrival. She loved her job so it wasn't a big deal to stay an hour or two late. The company she worked for was a division of a toy factory. The building that she worked in was attached to a warehouse. The people who worked in the warehouse left between 4:30 and 5, and Mary usually worked until 7 or 8, while the rest of the staff left promptly at 6. The clock would strike 6 and they would run out of the building like fleas leaving a dog. Now, the rumor was that the warehouse itself was haunted, but Mary didn't believe in such nonsense. One day she had stayed late and there was only one other person there who had stayed late as well and she was on the other side of the building, so Mary was pretty much by herself. The door to the warehouse had been left open on this particular night. Mary didn't give it a second thought, but at about 7:30 she heard a loud whisper. The whisper said Miiichhhheeliine-really slow. Mary whipped her head around to see if someone was there, but no one was. The thing that made it so creepy was that nobody knew her real name was actually Micheline.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

DAY 15

Day 15

The two little girls had heard the stories of the old theatre being haunted, but they didn't really care if it was or if it wasn't, they just loved to play on the balcony. One night they were up there and some family cartoon was playing on the screen below. They sang and danced in the isles because there was only one couple up there. The man kept turning around whenever they would make a sound and glare back towards them. They thought this was funny and so they would laugh and laugh. Finally, the man got up and stormed out. They laughed even harder. The woman sat perfectly still in her seat until her boyfriend came back with an usher.
"Don't you hear them?" He asked annoyed that the usher didn't believe him that two kids were running around being obnoxious.
"Sir, there is no one else here, but you and your date."
Just then the two little girls started running and playing even harder and the balcony got very cold. They kept playing until one of them fell over the side and the other one just looked over the railing.
A minute later they were both playing again. Rumor was that they did this every night at the later showing, they had both died about sixty years ago by falling over the balcony. They just didn't know they were the ghosts and that they were doing the haunting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

DAY 16

Day 16

The young woman took a flight to Miami for no other reason than it was 2000 miles away from Southern California and away from her life. She and her boyfriend of 8 years had finally split up. Well, to be honest, they split up because he was caught cheating on her with one of the girls he worked with at the trendy bar in Venice Beach, where they lived. She had been suspicious of this for a long time but didn’t really believe that he would do it. One day she came home from work, because she had been let go, and he was there in their bed, having sex. Of course, she screamed at him and then at the girl calling her every name in the book. The way she weaved words was almost poetic, but even she was too busy yelling them to jot them down. She was great with words, and why shouldn’t she be? She was a professional writer; well until that day. The day that ruined her life, or so she had thought it was, but really her life would be much better without him.

After the bleached out blond girl grabbed her way-too-small-Van Halen-T-shirt from the floor and ran past Kate, the arguing began. He blamed her for always being too busy and a nag, and she, of course, defended herself. The tears didn’t come until she heard his old Mustang backfire outside the window. She stood there and watched him drive away just long enough to see him put his small hand out the window and raise the middle finger towards her.

Good riddance, she thought to herself. He had been a weight on her shoulders for years because his job didn’t pay even half as much as her writing job did. She worked for a television studio in the Valley and made in a weekend what he made at the bar in two months. This didn’t bother her when they first moved in, years ago. But, it had seemed that he was less and less serious about his acting career and more interested in having Kate take care of him. She had been starting to really resent him, so it was a good thing.

A few hours later she hated herself for not being able to stop crying. She had lost her job and her boyfriend, even if he was a dick, all in one swoop. Her life as she knew it was gone. She decided that she needed a break, so she got into her car and drove to LAX. When she arrived she had no plan of where she was going, but just a small bag with some of her things, a couple shirts, underwear, yoga pants, Jennifer Weiner’s new book and her computer. Tears streaked down her face as she walked into the terminal. The first flight out was to Miami, so that is where she decided to go.

While sitting in the boarding area waiting she used Google to find a hotel in the city. As it turned out there was some big animation convention in town, so everything was booked. She wasn’t going to be turned out by a bunch of middle-aged kids who made cartoons for a living; she was going to find a place. After an hour of searching, she found it, the perfect place. Miami Riverside Inn. It looked gorgeous, quaint, and friendly on the Trip Advisor site, so she booked it for four nights.

She arrived at the Inn about 8:30 PM and the night shift was getting ready to leave, but the man behind the desk showed her to the room in the front of the Inn and explained about what time breakfast would be served in the morning and then he said something that struck Kate as a bit weird.

“Don’t worry if you hear anything strange, it’s nothing.” Then he closed her door and left. She felt a chill and looked around the room. It was dark and felt like something bad had happened there. She was a little creeped out, but too tired to care.

The old-fashioned table lamp, with the detailed droopy pedals as a shade, flickered for a moment and then went out. She dropped her bag on the bed and then as she went to turn it back on, it came back on. She stepped back for a second and then sat on the bad. She curled up in a ball and started reading her book until she fell asleep.

She woke up a few minutes past eleven to the sounds of furniture scraping across the floor above her. She sat up in her bed and then she heard a door opening and then she could clearly hear someone wiping his or her feet. This made her feel better that she wasn’t alone. Then she heard a door slam very loudly. She pulled the covers up to her face as she listened. She could hear some voices, but it wasn’t clear what was being said. Then it just stopped, and it was silent again. She lay back down and closed her eyes.

After only a minute or so she heard feet pounding on the floor as they got closer and closer to her room. Her heart started beating faster, and she felt herself feeling really afraid. Something about this noise didn’t seem natural, and she wondered why nothing was being done about it. Startled she looked at her door and saw the doorknob twisting and shaking as her door began to rattle.

She cried out, “Who is there? This is my room.”

The knob stopped shaking and then she heard things being smashed right outside her door. It sounded like things were being broken. Then she heard running up the stairs and the sounds of furniture moving and scraping started again. She pulled the sheet over her head and there she stayed, wide awake, until morning.

When morning finally came she was curious to go into the hallway and see the mess from last night. It was only 7 and breakfast service didn’t start until 8, so she knew if she opened her door she would see it. But to her surprise when she opened the door, there was nothing there. A man walked past her and asked her how she slept last night. She felt very cold and was afraid to speak, but she pushed through her fear.

“There was some people fighting outside my room and they even tried to get in. It made it hard to sleep, and then the furniture moving. I have to say, I was a little scared.”

He smiled at her. “Around 11 PM?” He asked. “That is just the residents, it happens every night. Don’t worry, they have never hurt anyone in 100 years. It’s just noise.”

Monday, October 15, 2018

DAY 17

Day 17

When I was growing up in Aurora, IL, I lived with a ghost. She was very tiny, so I knew she was a kid. I was a kid myself and so I think she was comfortable with me. She always came into my room at night at around 8 pm and sometimes I even felt her touching me. I knew she was a she because every once in a while I could hear her giggle. One night I was sleeping and I woke up to feel her touching my nose and then I heard the giggle. Sometimes in the bathroom mirror, I would see her standing next to me. I usually wasn't afraid, but sometimes she would lock the door and I couldn't leave our bathroom door didn't have a lock on it. I also remember that she would turn the TVs in the house on and off. Finally, when I was about 12 years old, my parents asked the real estate agent who sold us the house about it and she told them that back in the 1800's a mother had killed her 8-year-old daughter by drowning her in the tub. We moved later that summer.